Mediation & Conflict Coaching

I work to transform and resolve conflict in different settings with groups and individuals. If you have a conflict that is draining your energy, one of the following may help:

During a mediation I meet with two or more people in conflict to assist them in transforming the interaction so that the conflict loses its obstructive effect and a resolution becomes feasible.

Whether in a professional or private setting, when a conflict has reached a debilitating level, mediation by a neutral party can return a sense of clarity, understanding and (self-)respect to all involved. Often the result is that the quality of interaction improves, bringing relief, optimism and creative problem-solving capacity back to the parties.

As a mediator I do not impose any particular path or solution on you. Rather, my goal is to support you in mobilizing your own, inherent resources to transform conflict dynamics that have become draining and may even feel hopeless. I do this by opening the space for you to “travel your personal healing journey,” by listening actively and intervening selectively to support your process of gaining clarity and seeing the other’s point of view.

As you begin to clarify your own and the other’s positions, interests and needs, the decision about what to do next becomes easier and more coherent. My commitment is to support you with open-mindedness, focus and empathy through this process. Any agreements or settlements that result from the mediation are only binding if all parties to the conflict have agreed to them.

Upon request and in consultation with clients, I offer to integrate elements of mindfulness practice in the mediation. These may include a short breathing meditation, listening to the sound of a bell, slow-walking and performing a body scan. These practices can help reduce reactivity and open the door to deeper listening and understanding between people in conflict.

I offer mediation of most types of conflict including partnership and family disputes, conflicts at the workplace or in a project team, neighbor and flat-share disputes, disputes among community groups and more.

Mediations are usually scheduled in 1.5 to 2-hour sessions at flexible intervals that fit your needs. In some cases, especially in group mediations involving more than 2 people, other formats such as sessions lasting a day or more can be preferable.

If the parties and/or mediator are not in the same geographic region, mediations can usually be conducted online by video-conferencing.

If all parties to a conflict are not able or willing to participate in a mediation, I offer to work with one party to illuminate the conflict and develop insights and specific tools for handling a conflict. Conflict coaching can help you clarify your needs, understand differing or opposing perspectives, develop effective conflict management strategies, make high-quality decisions and rehearse anxiety-producing conversations.

Free Consultation

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