Urban Mindfulness Lab Online

Today I am uploading a new blog site called Urban Mindfulness Lab (UML). Initially it will be a platform for reflections, photographs, experiences, projects, events and meditations on the subject of living mindfully in the city. As an urban planner, I have often wondered how mindfulness can contribute to more peaceful, sustainable and happier communities and urban design. When I was teaching planning students, I began to wonder how their policy and design proposals might change with regular mindfulness practice. In my conversations with policy makers and urban planners I often sensed a sincere desire to “do things differently,” but also fear of being considered “unrealistic” or a “dreamer.” Could a deeper spiritual practice and introspection help provide the antidote to this fear? These and other contemplations — often originating in my daily life experiences in Berlin — will likely find their way into the Lab. Join me at www.urbanmindfulnesslab.com!