In the fall of 2020 I will be concluding my year-long training in mediation and begin to offer mediation services to persons or groups in conflict. In close consultation with clients, I will combine conventional mediation approaches with elements of mindfulness practice such as stopping, breathing, body scan, etc. In this way, I hope to facilitate a deep, heart-based dialog and develop solutions based on mutual appreciation for each party’s needs.

I also look forward to developing “earth-based mediation” which will include mindful gardening or farming practices in the mediation process. This format will draw from the work I have done at Happy Farm in Plum Village Buddhist Monastery.

Conflict Coaching

If both parties to a conflict are not willing to participate in a mediation, I offer conflict coaching to a single party who wishes to gain additional insight and specific tools for handling the conflict.


Please contact me if you would like to know more about my mediation and conflict coaching practice and to inquire about the costs.


Mindfulness Circles

I offer mindfulness circles at your place of work or other location to meditate and enjoy the present moment together. To the sound of the bell, we take time to sit and walk in silence and gather in circles to share about what is alive inside of us. Through this process we practice loving speech and compassionate listening, and we plant seeds for peaceful interactions, while helping deescalate existing conflicts.


Please contact me if you would like to know more about my mindfulness circles and to inquire about the costs.


Tending the Earth

Tending the Earth is the practice of mindfully working together in vegetable gardens or on small farms. It is a deeply healing practice and an opportunity to fall back in love with Mother Earth. For two years I practiced mindful farming in Plum Village and was allowed to witness the transformation it effected in me and others:

As people of all walks of life come together and joyfully sink their hands into the soil — some of them for the first time in many years — they experience a nourishing, heartfelt connection with their brothers and sisters, deepen their understanding of the entire web of life and offer their true presence to the earth. Working the soil in this manner is a bit like caressing the earth and being caressed by her in return.

During our mindful work we are held tenderly by Mother Earth just as we are, with all our joys and pains. Without discrimination, Mother Earth welcomes us back, perhaps wondering what took us so long. And so we experience a renewed love for Mother Earth, a renewed connection. We can now experience that the earth is not something outside of us but that she is in us and that we are a part of her. This is not a transformation of the head, but of the heart. It takes root slowly, almost without notice, unfailingly.

(Excerpt from a post I wrote for plublished on Feb. 22, 2016.)

For photos of Tending the Earth in Plum Village Happy Farm and elsewhere please see the gallery.


Please contact me if you would like to know more about my Tending the Earth practice and to inquire about the costs.


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