Sustainable Community Consultant

I have consulted on several community planning projects in the Kansas City area, primarily concerning urban food production. As Associate Director of Cultivate Kansas City I was part of a team preparing a redevelopment plan for a 300-acre municipal property which once housed a jail, a farm, and other uses. I have also advised on the development of a set of zoning regulations for the production and sale of farm products in Kansas City. Other consulting work includes the siting, design and installation of various urban farms and assistance with a proposal for an edible public art project.

Urban Gardening Facilitator
I arrived in Berlin, Germany, in 2016, and involved myself with several of the city’s urban agriculture projects. Berlin is famous for its vibrant urban agriculture scene, its comparatively generous greenspace (for a European metropolis) and counter-cultural mindset. Working for Prinzessinnengarten, I became the facilitator and co-developer for the Hellersdorfer Gutsgarten. The Gutsgarten is a start-up community garden located on the grounds of what was once an East German agricultural cooperative, now at the center of a rapidly transforming high-density urban neighborhood. With the help of many participants from Berlin Hellersdorf and across the city, the new garden has turned into an amazing space for exploring sustainability, human connection, and civic engagement. Through various gardening, educational and art activities, we aim to create a platform for healing, mutual learning and collaborative neighborhood design.
The Gutsgarten is on the web at and on Facebook at Gutsgarten Hellersdorf. Both sites are in German.

"Daniel also understands the needs of large organizations, and is skillful in finding out where he can help in a harmonious and insightful way. He has the qualities of a community-builder, which are rare and difficult to find, and those working with him develop a sense of trust and friendship with him easily."

Thay Phap Luu
Senior Dharma Teacher & Bhikshu Monk, Plum Village Meditation Center, France

"Daniel has been a dear and valued colleague to me, whose intelligence, creativity, sense of humor and big heart I have greatly appreciated.... Daniel is a well-organized manager, inclusive and holistic in style and, where appropriate, also hands-on. He involves people, works hard to build consensus and makes team members feel valued and heard. Daniel goes the extra mile in finding and implementing lasting and comprehensive solutions."

Rachel Pollock
Director of Refugee and Immigration Programs, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, USA

"Daniel... never hesitated to go the 'extra mile' toward a better product"

Ruth Schwartz
Executive Director, Shelter Partnership, Los Angeles, USA

"Daniel has been highly organized and prepared, open to mentoring and guiding students, and a truly innovative and creative thinker. The students have had a very positive response to Daniel and his open-hearted and compassionate approach... Daniel is a patient and forgiving instructor who maintains high standards in the classroom while moving students to do more creative and challenging work."

Dr. Jacob Wagner
Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Design, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA

"Daniel was a definite asset to our assignment requires highly organized, flexible and intelligent individuals with exceptional communication skills and the ability to handle ever-present deadline pressure."

Richard Ayoub
Executive Producer, KCBS-TV Los Angeles, USA

"Daniel brought great enthusiasm and an infectious joyful energy to our group and the work. This energy gifted our group with motivation and helped us to consistently achieve our goals.

Daniel used his life experience and wisdom to offer mentorship to me and the team members in matters including meditation, relationships and conflict resolution. Personally I grew a lot in Daniels company, and through dialogue with him learned a lot about what's important in life.   

What impressed me most about Daniel is his deep desire to serve. He feels a deep affinity with the earth and the inhabitants of the earth. His work reflects this affinity. He is moved to protect the environment and help those he meets grow, heal and work towards realising their true potential."

Stuart Watson
Co-Founder, Plum Village Happy Farm, Plum Village Monastery, Thénac, France

"Students receive invaluable opportunities for additional learning thanks to engaged farmers and community activists like yourself"

Robert J. Dole
Former U.S. Senator

"Propelled by his curiosity and meticulous approach, Daniel searches thoroughly and leaves no source unchecked. As a producer he has exhibited great talent in planning and supervising complex television productions, even under extreme pressure. Whatever the task at hand, Daniel consistently goes beyond the call of duty."

Alexander von Wechmar
Chief Correspondent, German Television Films, Los Angeles, USA

"Daniel has exceptional skills as an educator, both in formal presentation and in workshop settings. He is a clear and compelling speaker. Through our partnership with Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas and the New Roots for Refugee program at Juniper Gardens, he has developed particular expertise in working across language and nationality/ethnic differences and in working with non-literate refugee and immigrant communities."

Katherine Kelly
Executive Director and Co-Founder, Cultivate Kansas City, Kansas City, USA.